Transition of the NMSC programs to LFC IA Mississauga

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1. My player is currently registered for the NMSC Grassroots/Competitive/OPDL program. Is their registration still valid?

Yes, your NMSC registration is valid until the end of the current outdoor season.
Grassroots & Competitive training ends September 30, 2023
OPDL training ends October 20, 2023

2. What NMSC programs have transitioned to LFC IA Mississauga?

NMSC Grassroots (U8-U12), Competitive (U13-U17), and OPDL programs have transitioned to LFC IA Mississauga.

League1 Ontario Programming, Recreational Youth Leagues, Recreational Adult Leagues, Junior Panthers, High Potential, and Recreational Camps & Academies will continue to operate under the North Mississauga Soccer Club brand. 

Please refer to the NMSC official website to learn more on our programs: nmsc.net

3. My child is currently a part of the NMSC Grassroots/Competitive/OPDL program, will she/he be automatically accepted to the LFC IA Mississauga program?

All the Grassroots players interested in joining LFC IA Mississauga program for the 2023/2024 season are required to attend Talent ID Session. All Competitive & OPDL players are required to attend an Open Trial. All players must pre-register at lfciamiss.ca and registration opens August 1, 2023.

4. Why did NMSC transition their programs to LFC IA? What are the benefits of NMSC's transition to LFC IA Mississauga?

We are introducing an exciting brand revolution for the North Mississauga Soccer Club. We rebrand our Grassroots, Competitive, and OPDL programs effective October 1, 2023, bringing the Liverpool Football Club, world-renowned brand and expertise to our dedicated players, staff and Community.

Our coaching delivered to our players will be using a curriculum designed by LFC's world class youth academy.  They will be learning to play The Liverpool Way using the same techniques and philosophy as those used to develop some of the best players in Europe. 

Our players will get access to the LFC residency programs, camps and other international travel experience. LFC Camps bring a unique training program in their residential camps. These summer camps take place at renowned football facilities in England and are conducted by LFC International Academy coaches.

The transition will also help the Club elevate its administrative, operational and marketing standards.

5. Do LFC IA Mississauga programs align with Ontario Soccer and Canada Soccer standards?

Yes, the Club retains its status of the National Youth Club license holder and continues to meet the Ontario Soccer, OPDL and Canada Soccer standards.

6. What is the legal entity?

North Mississauga Soccer Club doing business as “LFC IA Mississauga”

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Uniform Ordering Process

1. What is a new player uniform ordering process?

Nike uniform package is now included in the registration fee, and no additional fee applies. All the players will be offered to get sized in order to place their uniform order. To get details, please refer to the Talent ID & Open Trials documents posted on the  LFC IA Mississauga official website.

The uniform packages will be delivered directly to the Club. Team managers and coaches will be invited to pick up their team's orders and distribute to their players accordingly.

2 . If my child joins the Club mid-season, how can I place my uniform order?

Players joining mid-season will be able to book an appointment with Club staff to complete their fitting and place their order. Typical uniform package delivery is 4-weeks from order date. 

3. What is included in the player uniform package?

To be communicated in September 2023.

5.  While we are awaiting for the new kits to arrive, are we permitted to wear our current NMSC branded kits?

All registered players will receive their official LFC IA training kit. This kit must be worn at all official training events held by the Club.

6. Can we donate our current NMSC branded items to the Club?

No. We do not accept donations of clothing.

Online Registration and Team Communication Tools

1. LFC IA Mississauga offers only a full-year registration; what if my child cannot commit to the full-year program?

LFC IA Mississauga offers a full-year registration; however, there is a modified one-year program that was designed specifically for the players who are committed to more than one sport. At LFC IA Mississauga, we celebrate athletes involved in multi-sport activities and offer a modified program that involves less training hours per week during the season when a player is involved in another full-time sport activity.

Please refer to the LFC IA Mississauga Program Outline for further details. Program Outlines will be released in September 2023.

2. What registration system should I use to complete registration for the LFC IA Mississauga programs?

All the LFC IA Mississauga programs will be available for registration via PlayMetrics at this LINK.
If you require any support while using a new registration system, please contact PlayMetrics at support@playmetrics.com

3. I have a registration credit on my PowerUp account, will I be able to use it while registering my child for the LFC IA Mississauga?

Account credits are valid for three years from the date of its issue. If you have remaining credit in the legacy club system, PowerUp Sports, the Club will automatically return the value to you by credit card or direct deposit. No action is required from you.

4. What are the LFC IA Mississauga program fees?

Please refer to the LFC IA Mississauga program outlines to learn about fees and payment plans. The program outlines are posted on the LFC IA Mississauga official website.

5. What payment methods are offered via Playmetrics? Will I be able to access financial assistance?

LFC IA Mississauga offers the following payment methods:

1. Credit Card (2.9% surcharge)
2. ACH (direct withdrawal from your debit account)
3. Partial financial assistance through KidSport and Jumpstart

~ typical funding $250 - $300 per year

~ typical funding $600 per year

~ typical funding $750 - $1,500 per year

Please review the LFC IA Mississauga Program Outline to see what payment plan is offered for your program.
6. Will teams use TeamSnap as a communication and team management tool?

PlayMetrics replaced TeamSnap. Please download the PlayMetrics app via App Store or Google Play for the best experience.

download PlayMetrics App

7. Who is the main point of contact for LFC IA Mississauga? What is the LFC IA Mississauga club office address?

Head Office:
Unit 12, 10 Falconer Drive
Mississauga, ON L5N 3L8

Satellite Office:Churchill Meadows Community Centre & Mattamy Sports Par
k5320 Ninth Line
Mississauga, ON L5M 0R5

Primary Email Contact: welcome@lfciamiss.ca

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